When I think of home…

I think of a place that we’re still trying to find. We have put offers on thre different houses and they have all fell through. The kicker is that I’ve really like everyone of them. I could see our family growing up there and entertaining there. They’ve each been viable. My prayer has evolved (it should have started there) to asking God to show us our home. I’m not enjoying the realestate game. The back and forth negotiations are irritating at best. Why don’t people list their houses for what they want for it? No listing it at a price just to get it people interested and get them to be drawn into the house hoping people will loose their minds and commit to something they just can’t simply afford because they’ve fallen in love with the home. Everyone keeps saying to be patient, but we feel an urgency because we don’t want to loose the buyer we have for our home. All that being said, I heard God say today… “If you really…really believe that I have your life in my hands, then why don’t you feel a certain comfort in knowing that I know where your home is?” So yes God, I trust that you know where my house is. I even feel a certain freedom to tell you the house I’d like to have. I have enough faith to believe that You will give us our ideal home at the ideal price. Just show us and we’re follow through.

Be looking for the posting of our new address…soon.


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